Planning Commission

Aerial Evart
The Planning Commission is charged, by Michigan state law, with the adoption and implementation of plans for the City. This Commission also considers requests for zoning classifications and special use permits and makes recommendations to the City Council on amendments to the planning and zoning code. It is comprised of seven community members, one City Council member, and the mayor.  

The Planning Commission meets the 4th monday each month at 5:30 pm in the community room at the Depot, 200 S. Main Street.   All meetings are open to the public.  

Click link to view - MASTER PLAN DRAFT 2023

Current Commissioners:
  • Rebecca Tea: term ends 2023
  • Ruth Ann Northon, Chair: term ends 2025
  • John Hunter: term ends 2025
  • Todd Bruggema: term ends 2023
  • VACANCY: term ends 2024
  • VACANCY: full term
  • Christine Emerick, Mayor,, 
  • Sean Duffy, City Council
  • Pepper Lockhart, City Administrative Officer (non-voting)

View the Planning Commission By-Laws here.

Planning Commission 2021 Annual Report