Medical Marihuana

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City of Evart Zoning Ordinance
Medical Marihuana State  Statute
City Ordinance Chapter 812

Ordinance NO: 2013-1 - Medical Marihuana Dispensary Ordinance 
Ordinance NO: 2017-7 - Medical Marihuana Facilities
Ordinance NO: 2018-1 - Medical Marihuana Facilities
Ordinance NO: 2018-2 - Medical Marihuana Facilities
Ordinance NO: 2019-2 - Recreational Marihuana Facilities
Resolution NO: 2019-19 - Suspending New Applications
Ordinance NO: 2019-09 - Revised Medical Marihuana Ordinance
Current Medical Marihuana Licenses

Application Checklist

City of Evart - Marihuana Facility Application 
Affidavit Bankruptcy Filings
Affidavit of Applicant Municipal Good Standing

Affidavit of Entity Licensing Good Standing

Affidavit of Licensing Good Standing

Affidavit of Stakeholder Municipal Good Standing 

Affidavit of Compliance in Growing of Marihuana

Affidavit of Compliance in Transportation

Affirmation of Age and Record

Authorization - Criminal background check