Library Board

Evart Public Library Exterior

The Library Board is comprised of two representatives from each participating municipality (Osceola Township, Evart Township, City of Evart) and must be City electors.  The purpose of this board is to help support the library's sustainability in the future and creating a responsive plan of action to the community's needs by monitoring and evaluating the overall effectiveness of the library.  More information on the Evart Public Library and Museum can be found here

The Library Board meets monthly.  Please join us for our next meeting!
More information is available here. 

View Library Board Meeting minutes here

Current Members:
  • Suzanne Bieri (Osceola Township): term ends 2023
  • Rhonda Huff  (Osceola Township): term ends 2023
  • Kathy Elder  (Evart Township): term ends 2024
  • Karen Hodges  (Evart Township): term ends 2024
  • Dr. Karen Flachs, DDS  (City of Evart): term ends 2026
  • Jane Hutchinson  (City of Evart): term ends 2024
  • Lilas Van Scoyoc, Librarian