Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

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The DDA meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Please join us for our next meeting! 
More information is available here. 


 Would you like to join our team and help keep developing Evart Main Street and downtown into a lively and beautiful community? Fill out the application today!

Current Board Members:

  • Alan Bengry - Holihan's Drug Store (Owner): term ends 2024
  • Lynn Salinas - Taylor Insurance (Owner): term ends 2023
  • Erica Henry - ERK Crafts (Owner): term ends 2025
  • Molly Cataldo - Edward Jones (Financial Advisor): term ends 2024
  • June Essner - Juneberry Cottage (Owner): term ends 2023
  • Jim Schwab - City Council: term ends 2025
  • Erin Horton - Community member: term ends 2027
  • Gary Hartsock - Ventra: term ends 2027
  • Todd Bruggema, Director
  • Pepper Lockhart, City Manager