Meet The Assessor

Meet The Assessor

Dear City Residents,

      I became the new city assessor starting July 1, 2016. I am now playing a dual role as your City Treasurer and City Assessor. As a best practice the city council hired an independent contractor to audit the city’s assessing records to gauge the condition of the assessment roll.  The results of the independent audit failed the audit of minimum assessing requirements (AMAR) which are mandatory guidelines set by the State Tax Commission. Therefore city council voted to have an entire city reappraisal completed in 2017.

      The City of Evart is not doing the reappraisal to raise taxes. A reappraisal’s main purpose is to create and maintain fair and accurate assessments.  Individual assessments may go up or down but with Proposal A in effect even if your assessed value increases you will only get the rate of inflation increase in your taxable value.  Your taxable value could increase if you have an omitted building or structure that has never been on roll.  A reappraisal includes the complete physical inspection of all properties which includes measuring the perimeters and story heights of all structures and owner or occupant interviews when possible.

      One of the main components of Proposal A is the cap on assessments and creation of a new “taxable value”. Taxable value is the lower of the properties SEV or “capped value”. Property values were initially capped at the 1994 value and thereby property taxes would only increase at the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is less. When a property sells it is uncapped and the taxable value becomes that state equalized value.

      The reappraisal will begin in early spring 2017. The city contracted Seth Lattimore to complete all the field work. Seth is hoping to have all fieldwork completed in a few months. It is part of my responsibility as the assessor to ensure the entire reappraisal process runs smoothly. I will communicate more information on the reappraisal process and the next steps as we get closer to spring. I will communicate via assessment change notices, utility bills, the city’s website and/or social media. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am here to help and educate.

Thank you,

Sarah Dvoracek
City Manager/Treasurer
P: 231.734.2181