Cemetery Schedule of Fees

Cemetery  Schedule of Fees

Grave Purchase
   Individual Grave  Double Grave Four Grave Lot   
Resident   $600  $1200  $2400  
Non-Resident  $900  $1800  $3600  


   Per Casket Burial  Per Cremated Remains/Urn For a Child (Under Age of 4)  
Weekdays (Monday through Saturday)  
Resident $600 $250 $250  
Non-Resident $900 $400 $400
NOTE: An additional $50.00 fee will be charged for burials after 3:00PM . 
Add $300 Sunday fee



Flat fee of fifty-five cents (.55) per square inch of surface area.

NOTE: All foundations are required to be at least four inches larger per side than the outside dimensions of the marker.

Example: A marker 12x24 requires a foundation of 16x28 (totaling 448 square inches); 448 sq. in. x .55 cents = total foundation cost of $246.40.

United States Military Veterans enjoy a "Service Appreciation" at the cermetery's current cost: $75.00 with proper documentation.

  • To qualify for resident rates: the deceased must have been a resident or taxpayer in the City at the time of death, or temporarily residing in a nursing facility/hospital or family member’s home receiving care.
  • The sale of graves is on a first served basis; Evart will reserve such for 72 hours while the customer finalizes financial arrangements.
  • The simultaneous burial of a baby alongside of an adult will be considered as a “single adult burial” in terms of fees
  • Forest Hill allows for eight cremains per Grave, unless lot geography dictates fewer.
  • All grave and foundation sales require the balance paid in full at time of purchase.
  • Opening and Closing costs will be paid in full before internment or disinternment.
  • Perpetual Care is the ongoing mowing and manicuring of the grounds where the grave is located.
  • Grave pricing is subject to an annual increase of $25 with annual review of the cemetery policy.