City Meetings

City Meetings will be Conducted  Virtually and in Person.

While some meetings will begin to be in person starting Monday, August 24th, many meetings will still be held via Zoom. This is in response to the Governor's Executive Orders and the changing landscape of COVID-19.   Check out the links on the left for information on specific meetings. Continue reading for more details

How does the City conduct meetings virtually?
City meetings are conducted in very much the same way virtually as they are in person - except none of the participants are in the same location.  The participants, Council members, for example, will use webcams to communicate with each other and the public.  The public participates through their computer or by calling in using a toll-free number.  If applicable agendas will be followed and minutes taken, questions will be answered, and conversations will be had.

Most meetings will be recorded and the recording will be posted for public viewing. Minutes and Agendas will also be posted when applicable.

What is Zoom?
Zoom is a free video-conferencing software to allow users to meet via audio and/or video across a variety of platforms and devices.

How can I join a Zoom Meeting?
There are two ways to join a meeting: by using a URL or by calling into the meeting using your phone.  If you use ta link/URL to enter a meeting you will be able to see and hear the participants and engage using Chat or your microphone during public commentary.  If you use your phone to call in you will only be able to hear the participants.

See more specific details on our How To Use Zoom page.

Is there Public Participation?
Yes! Just like in-person meetings, the public may participate during Q&A or Comment times.  The communication will be a little bit different since there is no face-to-face in-person conversations, but yes public participation is available and encouraged. 

See more specific details on our How To Use Zoom page.

Can I get support with Zoom?

Yes! If you have any questions about joining or participating in a meeting, please connect with our Executive Assistant/Communications Coordinator, Melissa Rohen, via email at or call City Hall at (231) 734-2181.

See more specific details on our How To Use Zoom page.

Where can I find more information on COVID-19?
See our COVID-19 resource page or refer to the CDC or WHO websites.