Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations have been developed in order to maintain the city owned cemetery in a condition wherein individual solace and memory may be sought, and the memorial intent of those whom care for those interred can be accommodated to a greatest degree possible without unduly disturbing the peaceful and reverent intent of the City of Evart Cemeteries.

There is no solar lighting, glow sticks, reflectors or any other objects that emit light permitted on any part of the cemetery grounds.  

Decoration Removal
Winter Decorations -must be removed by April 15th
Summer Decorations- must be removed by October 1st

Decorations must be removed by the dates specified above each year. If the decorations are not removed they will be discarded by the sexton. Please note that the sexton will also remove all flowers, decorations, trees and shrubs which have become unsightly.

Decoration Containers
The use of jars, bottles, jugs, etc. for cut flowers is prohibited.  All containers for such flowers must be in line with the marker or monument. Metal containers with “spikes” on the bottom are acceptable.  Artificial flowers are allowed only if securely contained within a metal, ceramic or concrete urn. Wire, string and/or rope used with artificial wreaths, flowers, grave blankets, can be devastating to the mower and mowing equipment and time-consuming (expensive) if each item must be removed with each mowing.