Trash Carts Delivered!

New Trash Carts have been Delivered!
The City of Evart and Republic Services are excited to announce residents have now received a new 96-gallon cart to be used for weekly trash pick up. This cart is meant to replace any trash receptacles previously used. Residents will still be able to place one large bulk item each week in addition to this new large cart. There is a nominal increase in monthly trash fees of $1.75 beginning with the November 2020 billing cycle. If you have any questions or concerns, please call City Hall at (231) 734-2181.

Some residents may be asking, Why a cart? Carts are safer, cleaner, and have attached covers to keep the critters away. They also have greater stability and provide a cleaner and more attractive-looking neighborhood. Personal containers or carts will no longer be acceptable for use. Not sure what to do with your old trash bins - simply attach a note to the cart that says "please discard container" during the first three weeks of the new program and the driver will remove it for you as trash.

Check out the Republic Brochure for additional details!