Local Development Finance Authority

Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA)
The Evart Local Development Finance Authority helps seek and assist new industrial business for The City of Evart.

 Industrial Development for the City of Evart is handled by the Evart LDFA, or Local Development Finance Authority. The LDFA office is located at 229 N Main Street. LDFA meetings take place at 229 N Main Street. at 8:00am on the second Wednesday of each month through June 10, 2019. Beginning Wednesday, July 10, 2019 LDFA meetings will take place on the second Wednesday of each month.

2019 LDFA Meeting Schedule
Meetings start at 8AM

January 14

July 10

February 11 

August 14

March 11

September 11

April 8

October 9

May 13

November 13

June 10

December 11





Board Members:
Melora Theunick, LDFA Director 
Brad Morgan 
Larry Barden, School Board Appointment
Ryan Hopkins, Schoool Board Appointment
Dennis Beemer
Bob Barnes 
Roger Elkins 
Doug Trembath
Eric Schmidt
Ashlee Flachs

PLM Lake and Land Management Corp - 250 S. Industrial Park Dr.

Evart Industrial Properties
Evart Industrial Properties - 251 S. Industrial Park Dr.

Pitsburgh Glass Works/Vitro - 6251 S. Lauman Rd.

Maclellan Integrated Servises
MacLellan Integrated Services - 9811 US 10