Waste Collection

Waste Collection

Weekly Yard Waste Pick-up
Yard waste is picked up weekly spring through fall. Loose leaves and lawn clippings should be bagged in biodegradable lawn bags and set at the curb by 7am each Monday.  No sod and no contruction debris, please.  No plastic bags and no loose leaf piles.
2022:  Pick up will begin on April 25 and will continue every Monday through October.
Brush will picked up the last Monday of each month and should be neatly placed at the curb with cut ends facing the road. 
These services end for the winter when snow plowing begins.

Annual City Cleanup Days 2022
Republic will have several large dumpsters set up at the wastewater treatment plant at 611 W. 10th on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26.  City of Evart residents may dispose of unwanted items with some retsrictions: no tires, paint, hazardous chemicals, yard waste or construction debris.  We will require identification. Gates will be open from 9am until 5pm.

Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
Date: Saturday, October 8th, 2022 9:00am to 12:00pm
Road Commission South Facility
4737 Makwa Drive, Hersey, MI 49639

Visit Osceola Lake Conservation District's website for additional details.

Trash/Recycling Information
Recycle Guide
Refuse Rate Information

Where does my recycling go?

Recycling is growing more expensive and likely will start to become more limited and restrictive in the coming years.  
Why??? This is because China, which accepts roughly two-thirds of the entire world’s recycling materials, will be stepping almost entirely out of the global market.  
So most people are asking, what does that have to do with me and my recycling?  This action is being taken by China because they are receiving more trash than good products to recycle and that process starts at your house. The entire recycling industry has new guidelines which became effective on January 1, 2018 and strictly govern the type of materials and the quality of the sorted recycling.  This slows down the recycling facilities and requires more people, thus increased costs.
Additionally these changes have had very hard impacts on the value of recycling and it now costs more money for many types of products to be sorted and recycled than they are worth.
So what can you do?  Follow the City’s recycling guide, don’t place items that don’t belong in the recycling, only put clean recycling in the bins, and help spread this message to your neighbors and friends.

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