Water & Sewer Department

Water & Sewer Department

The Water and Sewer Department is a division of The Department of Publics Works. The water segment of the department has the primary responsibility of providing residents with clean, safe drinking water. The sewer segment is primarily responsible for treating wastewater. Download our Leak Detection Pamphlet to save water and money.

dreamstime_xs_44066082Providing safe drinking water to members of our community is a top priority.  Check out the City's Lead and Copper Program and see what we are doing to help keep our City's drinking water safe. Please complete the Resident Participation Survey - the information will be used to help keep our program moving forward.  No information will be made available for public viewing.

City of Evart Lead & Copper Program

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Sewer FAQ

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Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) 
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City of Evart Lead and Copper Program

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Lead Service Line Property Owner Information Packet